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It had been a long, long time since I'd last been to Australia. Eighteen years, nine months and six days. I'd not seen my family there in that long either, and with my mother's ailing health, a trip was well overdue.

Windows XP?

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Monday, December 15th, 2014 17:49
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It had been years since I'd last been in Pilio, and even then, we were just passing through for the night. This time, in celebration of The Boyfriend and I reaching our tenth anniversary, we took off a few days to relax on the mountain.


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The full set of photographs are here on Flickr.

Island Getaway

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 17:18
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Waves Crashing II

I've been to Evia before, but never ventured further than Halkida (the capital), this time we visited the northern side, where Armadillo's family tent resides. Some of the first writings of The Boyfriend's that I read (back in 2003, well before we actually met), were about this place, but for some crazy reason we'd never actually travelled there together. This weekend, we put that to rights and I had a fantastic time )

I really had a wonderful time and I certainly hope it won't be another four years before I visit again.

Full set of photographs are here.
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The trip up north was amazing.

The short version: Itea was fantastically stormy; the time in Ioannina was spent eating good food and wandering around a castle; while Zagoria managed to look even more beautiful than usual, with the leaves changing colours.


The longer versions are as follows: -
* Part One: The journey to Itea, wine, waves and lemon pie.
* Part Two: Coastal roads, castles, catching up with friends and crappy hotels.
* Part Three: Zagorohoria, changing of the leaves, camping and being awed by beauty.

The full set of photos are on Flickr.
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Part One: The journey to Itea, wine, waves and lemon pie.
Part Two: Coastal roads, castles and catching up with friends.


Zagoria is about a half hour drive from Ioannina, so it was not long until we found ourselves driving on the mountainous roads surrounded by the autumnal trees, with their leaves changing to cover every shade of green, yellow, orange and red - just beautiful.

Ελάτη I

Zagoria )
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We had to delay the start to our holiday due to café work, but thankfully we were able to make our way on Saturday, taking our time and having a fairly leisurely drive towards our first stopover of Itea. As much as I love living in Athens, leaving the city behind is a great, freeing feeling, especially as our holidays are so very un-city like.

Corinthian Gulf

Itea )
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The weekend was ace. Fact.

Friday night The Boyfriend and I made our way to Itea for the first time in about six months, which is far too long a break. We arrived to one hell of a storm. The house we stay in is just a few metres from the seafront, which is normally glassily calm. After faffing around for a few hours we headed to bed, listening to the wind whistle down the chimney.

Saturday the storms continued, culminating in a power outage. We took this as a sign to head out for the day, so we drove through I don't know how many microclimates - torrential rain and wind one minute, blue skies and rainbows the next. We drove through various mountains before ending up here. The Boyfriend and I had driven past the café on a previous trip (or two), writing it off on account of the sheer amount of Jeeps, Hummers and other stupidly giant cars owned by Athenians pretending to rough it. This time it was almost empty; filled with comfy couches, an open (but sadly unlit) fireplace and a giant white dog. We sat chatting over giant coffees while watching the rain fall on the skylights overhead. Then it was onwards for food, to the village of Pyra, which houses a grand total of one family, who run a taverna (while the father also doubles up as the local priest). It's also the place where Hercules' mortal life ended, hence the name. The food was awesome and their son was totally entranced by the weird English speakers. Back to Itea, we ended the night sitting in front of the fire, drinking red wine and watching Hot Fuzz.

Sunday morning the storm seemed to be over, so while our hosts slept, The Boyfriend and I wandered along the beach and had coffee and breakfast at a nearby café. The weather check insisted that there would be no snow until after nightfall, so the four of us piled into the car with the intention of a nice drive and wander in the mountains, but as we got higher on Giona, it was obvious the first snow of the season had already begun to fall, so that became our target destination. As we drove on the snow started to cover the ground and trees, so we got out, squeed, took photos and drove on to where it was thicker, then got out of the car again, squeed even more, ran around the plateau until night fell and we could no longer feel our fingers. Sadly the photos are a bit crap, but here I am, cold and happy.

There will be more snow and you can bet I'll be back for my fix as soon as I can.

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