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It had been a couple of years since I'd done a stereotypical Greek island holiday and I'd been hearing lots of good things about Lefkada. It also has the added bonus of being accessible by car, as ferries make me seasick (I am so flying to Crete).

Porto Katsiki

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Saturday, August 6th, 2011 19:24
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Itea was once our regular getaway destination, but it had been almost a year since our last visit and in that time the place hasn't lost any of its charm. Due to Athens emptying out over the summer and the imminent departure of Armadillo and Dr. Sushi to Portugal, we shut the café for a few days and made our way to the seaside.


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It had been far too long since our last getaway, waaaaay back in May. Fifteen weeks of not leaving Athens, which I guess I'd best get used to, but still, in the summer it's tough.

Nature Is A Goddess

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Stormy weather

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The trip up north was amazing.

The short version: Itea was fantastically stormy; the time in Ioannina was spent eating good food and wandering around a castle; while Zagoria managed to look even more beautiful than usual, with the leaves changing colours.


The longer versions are as follows: -
* Part One: The journey to Itea, wine, waves and lemon pie.
* Part Two: Coastal roads, castles, catching up with friends and crappy hotels.
* Part Three: Zagorohoria, changing of the leaves, camping and being awed by beauty.

The full set of photos are on Flickr.
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We had to delay the start to our holiday due to café work, but thankfully we were able to make our way on Saturday, taking our time and having a fairly leisurely drive towards our first stopover of Itea. As much as I love living in Athens, leaving the city behind is a great, freeing feeling, especially as our holidays are so very un-city like.

Corinthian Gulf

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First sunset of 2009

Central Greece - Itea, mountains, snow and sunsets )

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