Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 13:55
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I've always had a strange, distant relationship with my family, but after the trip to Australia to see my mother, it only seemed right to take a trip to France to meet with my father. It was a much shorter trip and the time passed quickly, but I enjoyed the time I spent there and expect to return again.


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The full set of photographs are here on Flickr.
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I'd been wanting to go to Turkey for many years, including an attempt to see IAMX there in years past, but it never quite happened for me. So, when Ms.Noir suggested an easter getaway, I was in! The flights were cheap and we found a great place on AirBnB, located a short walk from the Blue Mosque. There had been a number of bombings in Turkey, including one in Istanbul less than a week before my trip, but I felt the risk was low and opted to go ahead - and I'm so glad I did!


Playing tourist in the city that spans two continents )
I absolutely loved seeing a new country, the first in quite some years. I also can't wait to go back and see some more of both Istanbul and the rest of the country.

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For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to visit Olympia. I'd been close in the past, but no cigar. So when The Metamour offered up a getaway to her family village just a short drive away, we didn't hesitate to say yes!

Temple of Zeus

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The full set of photographs are here on Flickr.

Day & Night

Thursday, April 26th, 2012 15:09
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I recently spent an evening at A For Athens, where the views were spectacular. This is just one of many reasons I choose to call this city home.

A For Athens ~ Day A For Athens ~ Night
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One of the things I'd missed the most with the cafe was the ability to just spontaneously decide to go somewhere. So, on Friday, The Boyfriend and I did just that and headed down to Nafplio for the day.


... )

It was a nice, easy way to get out of Athens and I expect the trip will be repeated again soon.


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 22:27
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My lovely friend [personal profile] cookwitch recently came to visit me. I do love having friends visit, as I am reminded of the beauty and culture of my adopted home town. We were quite fortunate that the days were wonderfully clear and sunny, so we spent much of our time sitting in the ancient sites, admiring the views and enjoying the sunshine on our faces. This is the life.

Athens Parnorama
Panorama of Athens

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Due to starting my own business, I've not had the chance to leave Athens since August last year (woe!), however an accidental bus ride (Athenian buses and I do not have a comfortable relationship) on my way to pay some bills on my day off, found me in the centre of the city on a sunny spring day. I took the opportunity to wander around and remind myself of the beauty that can be found in my adopted home town.

Hadrian's Arch
Hadrian's Arch

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