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To celebrate turning yet another year older, I spent the weekend in Agistri.


We caught the ferry out early Friday afternoon, it's a short ride, clocking in at about an hour. We checked in to our hotel and then headed out to grab something to eat at nearby Moschos, before grabbing a coffee and then watching the sunset as we had cocktails on the beach. A very relaxing start to our holiday!


The next morning, we had breakfast at our hotel, before getting the bus to Aponisos beach on the other side of the island. It was touted as the best beach, but upon arrival it was a serious disappointment. First of all, it was exceptionally rocky and the water, while clear, was filled with urchins. The only shady spots were on the part of the beach where you had to pay (something I'm not exactly fond of), packed in tightly like a sea lion colony. Our timing was unfortunate, as the next bus back to Skala wasn't for another hour and a half, so we grabbed some lunch at the taverna to pass the time. Lesson learned.

Back in town, we headed to one of the beach bars and I dived in (no urchins, water still crystal clear, free sunchair and umbrella). After swimming for a couple of hours, we headed back to the hotel to shower and change before heading out to dinner. We opted for a nearby pizza place, Avli, which was packed, though we were offered to share a table with another group, so it worked out fine. The food was amazing, one of the best pizzas I've had, and while there was a bit of a wait (unsurprising given how crowded it was) the large glasses of wine were cheap, which made it less of an issue. Then we grabbed a cocktail at one of the beach bars before heading back to the hotel and making use of the wine we'd bought the night before, sitting out on the balcony which had a nice view, of the harbour, the nearby island (which had some fireworks) and the rising (almost) full moon.


Sunday morning, we checked out of the hotel, then (after a false start) settled in for some coffee and breakfast at a nearby cafe. I spent much of the afternoon swimming, before grabbing lunch at the same fish taverna we had my birthday meal in last year, Ligo Krasi Ligo Thalassa, for yet another delicious seafood meal, this time topped off with ouzo. We had a quick ice-cream while waiting for the bus to the port, arriving and realising that we'd totally mixed up the ferry times and in fact we had two hours to kill... so we adjourned to a nearby cafe, which had a great view, for coffee. As the sun was setting, we walked toward the port, taking some photographs on the way, before boarding the ferry and heading home.

It was a supremely relaxing weekend. I hope to do something else like it again soon!

Full set of photos are here on Flickr.

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