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Friday, June 2nd, 2017 13:43
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I love Kyiv, it's an amazing city and I was so excited to return!

Парк «Володимирська гірка»

Arriving from Lviv on the train, I caught a marshrutka to where I was staying at the IQ hotel, it was a little difficult to find, with the entrance hidden in the corner of a parking lot for a large complex, but once there, I checked in and headed to my room, which was lovely! The place was a little out of the centre, and about a ten minute walk to the nearest metro station, but I found a cafe to grab some lunch (which due to mis-translation, I ended up with a bun-free burger, but it was still tasty!), then onto a bar I'd heard about for a couple of cocktails. On the way back to my hotel, I discovered the nearby supermarket was open 24 hours a day, so drunk purchases ahoy - which was mostly alcohol and cheese, because that's how I roll.

Андріївська церква

I woke up and got ready to go out, as the weather was a glorious 28C and sunshine, and what's more, it was also the weekend of Kyiv Day, celebrating 1535 years of the city. I headed into the city, and my first stop was to pay my respects at the memorial to the people who died in the Euromaidan Revolution, behind the Maidan itself, then onto the House with Chimaeras, which is an incredible Art Nouveau building in what's now a pedestrianised and heavily guarded street, due to its proximity to the Presidential residence. After that, I walked through to Maidan, grabbed a coffee and people watched for a while. Due to the Kyiv Day celebrations Khreshchatyk, the main street was closed to traffic, so teeming with people. Then I walked up to St. Sophia's Square, where the main events were happening, with a huge stage and lots of stalls selling food, drinks and trinkets. I considered grabbing lunch there, but there wasn't much space to sit, so I walked over to Andriyivskyy Descent, compared to my last time in Kyiv, when it was cold and the streets were covered with snow and ice, the market was sparse, however this time it was enormous and incredibly crowded. I made my way to Kanapa, a very busy restaurant serving a modern take on Ukrainian food. They managed to find me a seat and my meal was fantastic - a great salad of greens, radishes, local cheese and egg, along with some black varenyky, stuffed with herrings, topped with soured cream, salmon and white caviar. Even with a drink and a generous tip, it was still under ten euros for the lot! After that, I returned to the markets and followed it around to Volodymyrska Hill, which offered some amazing views across the river. I followed the path around, which led to St. Michael's, where I relaxed in the courtyard for a while, before heading back to St. Sophia's Square to see some more of the festivities, including folk dancing and some pop singers, and then to see the Ukrainian Philharmonic Orchestra to round out the evening.

Пам’ятник Володимиру Великому

My last full day in Ukraine was another gorgeously sunny one, so I did something I never expected possible while there - I took a trip to the beach, across the river, near the Hidropark is a sandy stretch that was filled with people tanning and swimming. I spent a good couple of hours just relaxing there, before returning to the centre to take some more photos and have some lunch. I then did a little shopping, ensuring I had plenty of vodka and poppyseed cake to take home with me, before grabbing a last beer and heading back for an early night, as I had to be up bright and early.

Дніпровська набережна

I had a pretty fitful sleep, as often happens when I have to get up early. I woke up half an hour before my alarm, at 05:30, so got myself ready, checked out (and woke up the receptionist as I did so), hopped on the marshrutka to the train station, where I grabbed the skybus to the airport. A quick check in (well, dropping off my luggage, as I'd checked in online), grabbed some more vodka at the duty free and was back home with my cats in Athens before 14:00.

Майдан Незалежності

I already can't wait to go back!

Full set of photos here on Flickr (or you can look at just the pictures of Kyiv).
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